Sunday, 8 August 2010

Living 'My Mistake', 06/08/10

Created by Carmen Martinez & Liz Wilks, movement work devised with a company of performers from structured improvisation, creating material based directly derived from the installation structure and layout.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Is failing dangerous?

R&D Project taking place tomorrow. With glass of wine in hand, and a head full of questions unanswered.

So what happens now?

Let the exploration begin right? I feel in a position to follow my instincts, but I know Im following only half of them- is this enough?

And am I ready to take a fall? Though know inside I wouldnt have pushed the risk, am I playing it too safe?

we'll see...

Monday, 2 August 2010

Playing Tuazon!

At the moment myself and Carmen Martinez (lighting designer) are collaborating together on a research and development project, that is investigating body space and light.

Question... Can space be an equal collaborator? If not space then can structure?

There was a debate when I brought this topic up for discussion, that actually space and structure cannot be equal collaborators. As to 'collaborate' means 'what I do, directly effects what you do' and vice versa. As space cannot freefall and leap about like a swan, then it cannot be classed as an equal collaborator.

But what changes when the space/ structure is actually an installation, a piece of art?

Surely any space that 'another' enters, whether it be movement performer, or lighting equipment and designer, is automatically changing the intention for the art piece. A body in space changes the original view of the intended work, the installation/ structure would have to re-present itself to affirm its originality. As a viewer I would have to re just my view and thoughts to accommodate these two different practices coinciding in one space together to make sense.

Then maybe should we also class the spectator as equal collaborator within this mix. For the spectator is the 4Th party who is having to work harder in order to connect and link these different mediums together to make sense?

What im investigating is whether space/ an insatllation can be a basis to create material/ work.