Thursday, 5 August 2010

Is failing dangerous?

R&D Project taking place tomorrow. With glass of wine in hand, and a head full of questions unanswered.

So what happens now?

Let the exploration begin right? I feel in a position to follow my instincts, but I know Im following only half of them- is this enough?

And am I ready to take a fall? Though know inside I wouldnt have pushed the risk, am I playing it too safe?

we'll see...


  1. Failing isn't dangerous, unless it involves a failed parachute, or failed breaks. But never theatre.

    Danger is relative.

  2. Thanks Daniel.

    I think I totally agree with all you said espically the first part!

    I think I need to have more confidence in that ability to fail, at the moment I feel im gingerly taking a lesser risk, instead pushing further with my instincts.

  3. You just reminded me of a nightmare that I had last night. I was driving a car and couldn't see ahead of me at all. It was unnerving to say the least. And I can't imagine why I kept on driving ...

  4. Hi Sid,
    Maybe there is an underlying instinct that you Felt confident to follow.

    Its sometimes amazing thinking bac to moments like that where the mind or body continue in auto pilot.