Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Who has control at Old Vic Tunnels

Performed in Lautes Licht in a similar venue to that of Shunt Vaults, though at the even darker and duster venue of the Old Vic Tunnels, as part of their dark clown carnival and red light themed night.
This time it was interesting as the audiences members were able to be in the same space as the performers, and as some did able to talk directly to the performers.

The concept was still the same, the audience member control a dimmer pack which controlled the intensity of a profile light. The change in intensity controlled the performers performance intensity;

Low light=soft actions/ voice whispered
Full light= big actions/ full voice etc

The space really worked well for this type of work, as the audience were finding the performers in different 'pockets' of space throughout the tunnel area we had. Although, as I realised, because the spectator had direct control very close to the individual performer, they were unable to see the concept of creating a narrative with all the performers together. The spectator seemed much more interested in playing with the one performer and making them do crazy things at full light/ high intensity.
But on the other hand, what I liked about this; one of my actions was running (at full intensity) which what the audience put me through the most. I still had control of my own body and knew how far I could push myself, but because I could directly look and be very close to the light controller and other audience members in the space, the relationship changed when they could see that I was actually doing that action. I wasn't faking the result or 'acting', then after a while and the 'controlling' effect wore off, the spectator began to feel bad about the way they were pushing the performers to carry out their tasks. Which from my part, I had more control than they did, as little did they know I could of kept on going!

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