Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Clowning Drag at the RVT!

Went to see Dickie Beau's one man show at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern. Walking into the mysterious RVT unexpected what I will see, I am greeted by... a clown? a woman? a man?...Dickie Beau in white face drag on top of a steel ladder in the middle of the stage.
I quickly sit down by the bar daring not to buy a drink until the safety of the interval in this intimate venue setting.

Still not too sure what was going to take place, I watched the show with interest and started to realise how clever this performance is. Dickie Beau crosses discplinines; at times clowning into mime into drag comedy, which I was surprised actually worked. Challenging perceptions of drag lipsynch he cleverly makes bold choices of when to mime in synch and when not to, often opening up further questions about the work he is doing. Using visual media tools to divide his show up seemingly flows from one act to another both visual and live performances compliments and support each other.
Using simple devices and techniques; like 'opening the curtains and sweeping away the stage space' promptly clears the air (as it were) to draw a line under the raw issues conversed in his act.
Still trying to understand the big 'queer theory' world, I am stunned by the impressive Dickie Beau's show by the interdiscplinary elements of his act, cleverly staged and well thought out.

Drag clown is the way forward!

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