Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Soul Queer Perspective!

David McAlmont's take on the Queer Perspective tour at the National Portrait Gallery was a truly amazing adventure into some of the hidden secrets that surrounded some of the sitters, their concealed {same sex} lovers, including the statue of Albert and Victoria, which McAlmont had a few suggestions to share...

David McAlmont spoke beautifully with such passion about the selection of portraits and sculptures he chose as part of our tour around the gallery. Revealing myths and stories that have been branded about the certain sitters and painters; delving into their hidden lives on their quest to find love.

Accompanied with the artist Sadie Lee who was on hand to respond to any questions and give her view, as an contemporary artist on the portraits McAlmont had chosen.

My favourite portrait of this tour has to be by Thomas Burke of the famous boxer Len Harvey.

Burke was desperate to paint Len Harvey, that it took him most of his professional career until he was able to capture this acquisitive portrait. Shown as what the viewer can imagine a 'typical' boxer to be like; a towel draped around his neck, an over sized velvet robe, a clenched fist, and a side ways glance revealing Harvey's strong jaw line and angled nose- (or hiding that black eye??) We don't know- yet, as McAlmont went on to describe, the obsession Burke had to paint Harvey could have been out of more admiration and love for the boxer. I'd like to believe that this could be the case, as the outcome of this portrait reveals the delicacy of Burkes work to make a boxer 'float like a butterfly'

A beautiful tour!

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