Monday, 14 June 2010


Why do we question? Can we not simply be and do?

Is it not interesting to have bodies in space which can be, and allow a spectator/ audience to decipher the meanings through all the elements presented? I.e. space, location, body, time, tone, rhythm etc?

If you as a performer have a clear idea of what action you are doing and why? But then the audience has a different meaning, then does that mean the performer was unclear in their options? Or that actually more than one meaning can be interrupted, and still make coherent sense?

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  1. This is interesting, in my opinion the performer can be both. They can be clear in their options even if the audience does not understand it. You will always have some idea of what you’re hoping to deliver in a performance but ultimately, no matter your performance the audience will always have their own interpretation.

    The elements you mentioned are things as a perfumer you can control, and these can hold a certain control over the spectators but as a spectator I like to ask why. The beauty of art is that it is free for interpretation. You are never wrong if you’re expressing yourself, whether that be through space, location, body, time, tone, rhythm. That said, you as a perfumer should be free to pick and choose your medium to suit your performance. If not, then the performer may find it hard to deliver and the audience may find it confusing. I don't think this is altogether wrong, just that it leaves more room for interpretation and the performers ideas may be lost.